Rated voltage / Power consumption AC100~240V, 50/60Hz DC24V 2.5A / 48W
Flood volume Basket 20L, Circular cup 250ml
Operating time 1, 3, 5minutes
Dimensions / Weight 456x353x194(mm) / 2.3kg
Dissolved Hydrogen Density (DH) 500 ~ 700ppb
ORP -250 ~ -350mV

※ Appearance, specification and function can be changed without any notice to improve quality of product.

Features of 3-way sterilizer

Round cup

Classy & Compact design
Hydrogen bubble display window(Patent)

Separate cartridge

Variety of exercises such as separation or combination as cartridge


Anywhere without worrying about with controller and catridge

3 Step Mode

Free set up to adjust the amount used (Small,Medium,Large)

Storage type DC adapter

Storing DC adapter with main body, it is portable and safe, and good at space usage.

3 way functions

Available where use it with sink, basket, cup.

OEM / ODM / Bulk order

Effect of hydrogen 3 way sterilizing generator

This nano bubble size is under 6μ smaller than pore size of 25μ, so it can easier passes through a pore. It is effective on removing Foreign substance and skin waste, sterilization for harmful bacteria.
Because nano particle is smaller than skin pore, it penentrates into skin directly. It is highly effective on rich-moisturizing and improvement of skin trouble. But you can’t see these effectness by normal water.

Skin beauty water

Reduce down active oxygen in your skin. furthermore, effective whitening, moisturizing and elasticity, acne and atopy by high density hydrogen water made by platinum electrolyzer

Strong sterilization power

Most strong sterilization power than o-zone (x2000),UV rays(x180) by OH- create by Low temperature plasma ion cluster bubble structure.

Living sterilization water

The diazinon, fenitrothion and parathion are an Organic phosphorus compounds to be used as a pesticide. When they are electrolyzed, the molecule arrangement is separated and toxicity is disappeared. Accoringly, when you clean fruits or vegetables with electrolytic water, the agricultural chemicals will be removed like organic fruits or vegetables. You can eat them safely.

Sterilization principle

It makes hydroxyl radical(OH-) by disassembling water molecules.

It combines hydroxyl radical(OH-) with hydrogen radical(H+) from harmful bacteria’s cell membrane in water.

It combines hydroxyl radical(OH-) with hydrogen radical(H+) from harmful bacteria’s cell membrane in water.

How to use

Sterilization with hydrogen water on basket

Round Cup