Plasma 4-channel hydrogen water sterilizer

Through plasma hydrgoen sterilization water made by tap water, let’s do sterilization, deodorization and plant growth!
Product name Plasma 4-channel sterilizer (GR-9500)
Rated voltage AC100~240V, DC24V 13.4A
Power consumption 200W
Dimensions / Weight 330x180x370mm / Approx. 7.5kg
Hydrogen Density 600 ~ 1,000ppb
Oxygen density 2.5ppm -> 8.2ppm (3 mins with tap water)
ORP -250 ~ -350mV
Operation time 30mins, 1, 2, 8 hours

※ Appearance, specification and function can be changed without any notice to improve quality of product.

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Features of Plasma 4-channel hydrogen water sterilizer

Building cooling tower

Horticultural farms

Livestock farms

Food factory

It is a max plasma hydrogen sterilization machine that can be used for sterilization in cooling towers, horticultural farms, livestock farmhouses, large foodservice stations and food factories in buildings with more than 1 ton of hydrogen sterilization water per hour.

The Optimal software for Sterilization Water Generation with low temperature plasma

World Patent grid type electrolytic bath

The finest platinum-plated material

Dedicated cup for cleaning electrolytic cell with citric acid

Neutral sterilization water harmless to human body

Produces high concentration of hydrogen and anion disinfection water

Effect of Plasma 4-channel hydrogen water sterilizer

Life water

When water is electrolyzed, it is reduced to 1/5000 of that of ordinary water. If spray for plants, improve the growth rate of plants by more than 30%, can be cultivated by the germicidal effect, and the distribution period is increased by 30 ~ 50%. In case of animal, It's possible to feed livestock by non-antibiotics.

Sterilization water

Once water is eletrolytic by platinum electrolytic tub, the hydroxyl group(OH) is generated. The hydroxyl group (OH) is bonded to the hydrogen cations (H +) constituting the cell membrane of bacteria and reduces them to water to kill 99.9% of various bacteria within one minute. The rate of sterilization of ozone is 2,000 times fast.

Clean water(Air conditioning system)

Ultrafine dust less than 10μm enters the lungs of people and causes various respiratory diseases and active oxygen to cause inflammation. In addition, most of these are positive ions. Hydrogen sterilized water generates anions around -400 mV, adsorbs them with ultra fine dust, and drops them.

Different point of Plasma 4-channel hydrogen water sterilizer

Sterilization water
The hydroxyl group (OH) are generated in hydrogen water Sterilization rate 2,000 times faster than ozone
Nano water
Water molecules become to decomposed into 5-nano scale by patented electrolytic tub, maximize sterilization and antioxidant power.
Hydrogen water
High concentration hydrogen water is generated by electrolysis, Improved immunity and promoted growth when animals drink.
Fragrance water
Hydrogen sterilization water sterilized to remove the cause of odor, such as Various odor pollutants and bacteria.
Non-pesticide water
The sterilized hydrogen water discomposes pesticide which is an organic compound. Pesticide are removed and discomposed 100% in 3 minutes.
Anion water
It generates more than 5,400 anions per CC to provide a comfortable housing environment due to fine dust removal, deodorization and sterilization effect.

Sterilization principle of hydrogen sterilization water

It makes hydroxyl radical(OH-) by disassembling water molecules.

It combines hydroxyl radical(OH-) with hydrogen radical(H+) from harmful bacteria’s cell membrane in water.

It combines hydroxyl radical(OH-) with hydrogen radical(H+) from harmful bacteria’s cell membrane in water.

Principle of fast growth of plasma 4-channel hydrogen water sterilizer

1. Test name: Plant cultivation test of neutral sterilized water and general tap water
2. Place: Grentech Co., Ltd. laboratory
3. Conclusion
Day Hydrogen water Tap water
Leaf Leaf
3rd day 0.5 0.5
7th day 2.1 1.6
10th day 5.1 3.2
12th day 6.7 5.3
14th day 10.4 7.6
16th day 13.4 10.1
18th day 16.2 12.2
20th day 18.2 14.3
4. Conclusion : Neutral sterilization water has a small water particle, so it is absorbed fast, so the growth rate of the plant is about 1.3 times faster than that of ordinary water.

Ghrelin secretion

Hydrogen water secretes ghrelin that promotes animal growth by 20-30%
It is Important for metabolism, cell and tissue growth

Principle of deodorization of plasma 4-channel hydrogen water sterilizer

Underwaterdischarge & Ionization

If water electrolysis, it separates H2O = H + O into hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Low temperature plasma state

Low-temperature plasma and ultrafine particle bubbles appear, The hydrogen atoms (H) become hydrogen cations (H+) and the oxygen molecules (O2) receive the surrounding anion electrons and turn into oxygen anions (O2-).

H → H + O₂ → O₂-

Underwaterdischarge & Ionization

The resulting hydrogen cations (H +) and oxygen anions (O2-) react with water molecules (H2O) in the surrounding to produce sterilizing anions such as hydroxyl groups (OH-).

  • OH-
  • O₂-
  • O3
  • H2O2
  • HCLO

A source of odor

Ammonia( Ammonia: NH3 )
Toilet odor 98% removed

Methyl Mercaptan (CH3S) 98% removed
The smell of cabbage, fish and meat

Hydrogen Sulfide: H2S
Sewer stench, egg, food stinking odor

Trimethylamine (CH3)N
When decomposing animals or plants, when seafood, liver oil, gelatin, cheese, etc. are corrupted

※ Deodorization with anion

Hydrogen anion, oxygen anion, and ozone anion are generated during hydrogen generation(5,400/cc).
Through oxidization, the odor molecule is removed by its anion
H2S + O3 -> SO2 + H2O CH3SH9(메칠메캅탄) + O3 -> SO2 + CH3OH

※ Sterilization (Anionic substances such as hydroxyl OH-)

The smell from the animal manure and excretion, the sink, the sewer, etc. is caused by mold, the mold is sterilized by hydroxyl group of the hydrogen water

Various usages of plasma 4-channel hydrogen water sterilizer

If plasma hydrogen water gives seeds, germination pot is improved by 20% and promotes plant growth rate by about 23%
Dissolved oxygen density 2.5ppm -> 8.2ppm
“Oxygen” increases 4 times
Even if pickled cabbages are pickled in brine, they are contaminated by bacteria. Plasma hydrogen sterilization water solves the environmental pollution problem by simultaneously performing sterilization and organic decomposition.

Plasma 4-channel hydrogen water sterilizer and Agricultural

Plasma hydrogen water is sterilized when crops are cultivated, it is ionized in air, it becomes natural fertilizer, it can be used only about 1/3, it grows about 23 ~ 30% faster and its freshness becomes better and the expiration date is longer.

Plasma 4-channel hydrogen water sterilizer and Fishery industry

When freshwater culture is with plasma hydrogen water, the mortality rate is lowered around 30%, the growth rate is accelerated and the meat quality becomes fresh. In the restaurant, the smell of fish is not spoiled and the taste is better.
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