Hydro Air Washer

All-in-one solution for fine dust, deodorization, humidification and sterilization by SOOVON electrolytic airwasher
Product name Hydro air washer (GS-1500)
Rated voltage/Power consumption DC24V / 1A
Water storage volume 1L
Function Deodorization, Sterilization, fine dust, Humidification
Dimensions / Weight 308x106x232(mm) / 765g
Dissolved Hydrogen Density 700 ~ 1200ppb

Virucidal Activity Test



Electrolyzed water by electrolysis module showed 99.99% or more disinfectant effect (virucidal activity) as a result of treatment for 5minutes on covid

Features of 'SOOVON' hydrogen sterilizing washer

Simple touch display

1hour use for 1hour charge

Spray with ultra nozzle and strong motor pump

Generating electrolytic water by double hydro filter

  • Electrolytic water without chemical additives by tap water
  • No matter the place with wireless charge type
  • Smell, bacteria and fine dust management with 1 time apray of multi-functions

Air purifier

Home / Office / Car
Hydrogen anion 124,000/cc
Fine dust removal
Bacillus 99.9% sterilization
Ammonia 98% deodorization

Clothes dryer

Cloth / General merchandise / Shoes
3 seconds deodorization
3 seconds sterilization 99.9%
Prevention of cloth wrinkle
Fine dust removal

Beauty device

Face / Body / Pet

Needs for SOOVON hydrogen sterilizing air washer

Core effect of SOOVON hydrogen sterilizing airwasher

No Chemicals! Sterilization water with only tap water.

SOOVON principle of SOOVON hydrogen sterilizing airwasher

Pure hydrogen sterilizing water is produced by electrolysis through a hydrogen platinum electrode filter.
Pure hydrogen sterilizing water, including hydrogen, oxygen, and hydroxyl groups, breaks down the bacterial membrane and removes various harmful bacteria.

SOOVON make your place better!
Electrolytic water airwasher

Features of SOOVON hydrogen sterilizing water airwasher

What is hydrogen sterilizing water?

hydrogen sterilizing water is called electrolysis water, which quickly electrolyzes  water through a sterilization platinum filter, the core of the technology.

The main component of this hydrogen sterilizing water is hydroxyl radical(OH-) which can be sterilized and deodorized using only hydrogen sterilizing water without any other chemicals.

As the safest and quickest sterilization method, SOOVON’s hydrogen sterilizing water can be used safely at 1 ~ 10PPM, which is much lower than the KPDA’s standard of 2,000PPM or less.

Electrolytic water Related thesis recorded by KCI.

Hypochlorous acid water clearance at official notification No.2007-74 from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Nov, 2007. Subacidity Hypochlorous acid water(Subacidity Electorlytic water) has extended sterilization effect for micro-organism, virus and birds, and it is used in numerous fields of the world because of safety for human being and eco-friendly.

Anti-bacterial effect of subacidity hypochlorous acid about Oral microorganism_ KIMCHEON Univ dental engineering science

Economical SOOVON hydrogen sterilizing airwasher

Outstanding economical item

This would be economical than product cost even only 1 year use.
It is more and more be a shining value as time goes by.

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Monthly cost $37.50 $15.00
1st year cost $450.00 $180.00
2nd year cost $450.00 $180.00
3rd year cost $450.00 $180.00
4th year cost $450.00 $180.00
... ... ...


It returns to normal water without residue substance.

Sterilization / Deodorization / Fine dust removal

Reliability of SOOVON hydrogen sterilizing water

Chemicals ZERO! Only water!
5 kinds of Sterilization test

Removal test Completion for apprehensive summer bacteria – Escherichia Coli(ATCC8739) / Staphylococcus Aureus(ATCC6538) / Klebsiella Pneumoniae(ATCC4352) / MRSA(ATCC33591)

Uncomfortable cutting board and kitchen tools even cleaning. Storage refrigerator for our food. Old bathroom even cleaning. Awful food waste bin.

Escherichia Coli(ATCC8739) / Staphylococcus Aureus(ATCC6538) / Klebsiella Pneumoniae(ATCC4352) / MRSA(ATCC33591)
99.9% removed after a minute by KTL test.
No chemicals! only tap water!
Fine dust
Fine dust test completion in your place! PM10
88% reduction of fine dust from indoor air.
PM10 – 81% reduction of fine dust from indoor air. Test for smoke of cigarette, mosquito coils in 82.5㎡ / K-weather
Chemicals ZERO!
Only water without salt for 4 kinds of deodorization test
Tested for main causes of smell are Ammonia, trimetalamine, hydrogen sulfide, Metal mercaptan.
  • Summer musty smell
  • bed stuff fusty smell
  • food waste smell
  • bathroom smell
Ammonia 98%, Trimethylamine 99.6%, hydrogen sulfide 59.2%, Metal mercaptan 42.9%
Deodorization percent after 60 minutes by KTL test