GLING GLING Dental Sterilizer

As plasma electrolytic-Sterilization water generators made for convenient use at home, it is essential combination item of oral total care that removes 99.9% of mutans bacteria that cause tooth decay and Sangus bacteria that cause gum disease.It is a ‘must have item’ for family’s dental care.

Product name GLING GLING Dental Sterilizer​ (GR-1300)
Rated voltage/Power consumption DC 24V 2.0A
Dimensions 410x140x305(mm)
Weight 2.2kg
※ Appearance, specification and function can be changed without any notice to improve quality of product.

Oral health is threaten by bacteria.

NO MORE pungent gargle

It makes tap water electrolyze to safest and strongest sterilization water.
It is called as hydroxyl radical(OH-) and has sterilization power which safer and more effective than typical gargle liquid LYSTE***.
It is harmless to the body for a long time use. Even if it drinking during gargling, don’t worry.

Real oral health is that thing to manage from Gargle liquids to other hygiene products.
Strong sterilization UV LED is possible to sterilize 99.9% for toothbrush and razor, etc.

Both the wall and the table types are easy hanging types to the small bathroom, Glingling hydrogen water dental sterilizer contributes to refreshing the atmosphere of the bathroom with a simple white tone image.

Oral trouble from bad breath !
Be with hydrogen water  dental sterilizer!
Let’s take the problem off.

A day 3 times

3 minutes

Everyday 3 times tooth brushing!
Why the odor still there?
Because it’s insufficient with only tooth brushing

Do you Still sterilize only tooth brush?

Only tooth brushing can’t catch the bacteria,

Sterilization water can​!

*Tooth brush sterilization by UV LED!

Q. HOW ?

Once electrolyzing tap water by patented
Sterilizing platinum filter,
it generates
Sterilization water
(Electrolytic water, Hypochlorous acid_HCLO)
with 99.9% sterilization power

  • It generates natural component with only water
  • Zero Chemicals

Q. HOW ?



hydroxyl radical(OH-)

Sterilization and deodorization water is
made by ‘No chemical’ of SOOVON
electrolytic technique,
it’s called by hydroxyl radical(OH-) in which water by electrolyzed.

Effective chlorine value : Test value by own SOOVON lab
pure liquid
Safety standard
Subacidity hydroxyl radical(OH-)
Measure : ppm 40,000 ~ 50,000 200 1-100
Usage Dilution with water, cleaning or sterilizing for food, household items - Mouth(gum), baby or pet goods sterilization / Foods and fruits washing

hydroxyl radical(OH-)

is Chemicals is can be replaced by oxidative material by dissolving Chlorine(Cl2) and Water(H2O) for sterilization/deodorization on purpose.

Water supply water quality item explanation book (Water supply research Association, 2010)



  • Drinking water : General bacteria / 57 items
  • Eye irritation : Irritation test for cornea, iris, Conjunctiva
  • Skin irritation : Test for Red spot, incrustation and edema formation
  • Genotoxicity test : ISO 0993-3-2014
  • Deodorization test : Ammonia, etc.

Pass, Test OK, 99% Removed

[Sterilization effect about food poisoning bacteria]

Strain Before
Staphylococcus aureus 𝟏.𝟖 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (30sec.)
Yersinia enterocolitica 4.𝟖 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (30sec.)
Campylobacter coli 4.0 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (30sec.)
Campylobacter jejuni 6.0 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (30sec.)
Salmonella enteritidis 2.1 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (30sec.)
Escherichia coli ATCC O-157:H7 5.2 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (30sec.)
Listeria monocytogenes 2.5 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (30sec.)
Serratia marcescens 2.9 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (30sec.)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 3.7 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (30sec.)
Vibrio parahaemolyticus 3.7 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (30sec.)
Clostridium botulinum A(spore) CB21 2.6 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (30sec.)

[Sterilization effect about Pathogenicity bacteria]

Strain Before
Vivrio Cholerae Inaba N 86 𝟏.0 𝐱 𝟏𝟎5 0 (1min.)
Shigella flexneri 2a No.1657 2.2 𝐱 𝟏𝟎5 0 (1min.)
S. aureus HLMRSA 1192 1.8 𝐱 𝟏𝟎8 0 (1min.)
Mycobacterium bocis BCG RIMD 1314006 5.0 𝐱 𝟏𝟎5 0 (1min.)
  • Effective chlorine concentration 10ppm, 20℃
  • Clostridium botulinum A(spore) CB21 researched by Kitashito laboratory, the other strains are searched by Japan food analysis center.