Skin analysis/merasurement

It Analyzes an accurate skin conditions with elaborate sensing such as dark circles, wrinkles, oils, moisture and pore conditions.

Electrolytic water / Near-infrared ray / Thermotherapy

Total care is possible for electrolytic water moisturizing, skin regeneration by near-infrared rays, removal of blemishes such as acne, wrinkle management, whitening and soothing atopy.

Skin care for user

By setting user information, you can check each skin change condition and manage it continuously.

  • Electrolytic Water Therapy by Electrolysis and Ultrasonic Oscillator

    Skin moisturizing

    Elactroporation Therapy by electrical Pulse

    It opens the phospholipid layer of the skin and delivers cosmetics to the skin (medical technology)

    Near-Infrared LED Therapy

    Boosting for skin regeneration by 830nm wavelength of light.

    LED Therapy (Wavelength of Red 630nm, Blue 415nm)

    Soothoing Effect of skin blemish, wrinkle, whitening effect, skin acne and atopy.

    Hot & Cool Skin Therapy: Use Peltier plate

    Hot Mode: Improvement for skin elasticity, skin flow Cool mode: Care for loose and widened pores

  • Skin oil and moisture sensor

    Proximity sensor

    Moirturizing Principle by Nano bubble electrolytic water

    Electroporation Therapy

    Technology that delivers cosmetics to skin by electric pulses

    • Complex formation of medium-frequencies ranging from 1,000Hz to 40,000Hz
    • Moisturizing function component (hyaluronic acid) frequency is 2,200Hz

    Skin beauty effect of LED wavelength

    Skin penetration depth and Effect

    Blue LED (415nm)

    It absorbs in the epithelial tissue of the skin and stimulates porphyrin to destroy bacteria. Acne treatment, Inflammation suppression, Sebum secretion suppression

    Red LED (630nm)

    It penetrates to the dermis of the skin, and then irritating mitochondrial, improving blemishes, dead skin cells, shading and wrinkle, boosting collagen production and blood circulation.

    Near IR (830nm)

    It penetrates to the deepest subcutaneous fat of the skin, and then boosting skin regeneration, alleviating pain. It's effective for skin elasticity, boosting skin metabolism, improving skin sagging and lifting skin.