Smart hydrogen generator

Portable tempbler / PET / hydrogen inhaler
Functional both drinking and breathing in it
Product name Smart hydrogen ggenerator (GS-6000)
Dimensions 53 x 80 x 268(mm)
Rated voltage/Power consumption DC 9V / 1A
Dissolved hydrogen Concentration (DH) 1000 ~ 1200ppb

※ Appearance, specification and function can be changed without any notice to improve quality of product.

Features of Smart hydrogen generator

PEM(Proton Exchange Membrane) - Plasma high density hydrogen water electrolyzer of 1,000ppb

Creates a high density hydrogen water by connection between sole connector and bottled mineral water

Hydrogen inhaler

OEM / ODM / Bulk order

The Principle of Removing Active Oxygen by Hydrogen Water

The 90% of Human diseases are caused by excessive active oxygen. If not removing active oxygen in human body, it causes inflammation in body and fast aging.
In order to remove active oxygen, although people try to eat nutritional supplements, such as vitamin C or various fruits, as anti-oxidant food, but they can’t. There are some reasons with big time/cost burden as below,

    ① some have side effect
    ② it’s hard to daily eating
    ③ sometimes it’s expensive.

The Antioxidant Effect for drinking 2L Hydrogen Water

Banana 1512ea

Apple 1032ea

Carrot 76ea

Spinach 90ea

High-density plasma hydrogen water from 1,200 to 1,600 ppb is rich in minerals and maintain neutral and weakly alkaline.
Therefore, no side effect in daily drinking hydrogen water unlike alkaline ionic water. Remove active oxygen only with 1 or 2 cup’s strong healthy water. Not only it activates skin elasticity and body cells, but also heal inflammation. It is the most suitable water for modern people with complex stress.

How to use