Plasma Hydrogen Mist

3 minutes a day for 10 days, Amazing change with plasma aqua care!
Let’s see rich-moisturizing, elastic and silky skin!”

“The best choice to solve dry, dull and itchy skin!
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Esteau Plasma Hydrogen Mist

The world first! We’ve done for development of vertical hydrogen electrode spraying ultrasonic and hydrogen simortenously.


Product namePlasma hydrogen mist
Model No.GE-3000
Rated voltageDC 3.7V 850mA (Built-in battery)
Demensions32 x 37 x 157(mm)
DH  /  ORP800 ~ 1000ppb     /     R-R-svn-GE-3000
Registration No.R-R-svn-GE-3000


Motive design from ‘Dubai Buzz Al Arab[7stars skin solution]



Product namePlasma hydrogen mist
Model No.GE-3100
Rated voltageDC 3.7V (Built-in battery)
DH 500 ~ 800ppb

※ Appearance, specification and function can be changed without any noitce to improve quality of product.

Hydrogen water from melted platinum

“Enjoy the effect more than stem cell cultures!
Collagen is increased 160% more.”

  • Hydrogen density: more than 1,000ppb
  • Antioxidative activity: 176 times of Vitamin C
  • oxidationReduction potential: more than -350mV

3 minutes a day for 15 days, Just feeling amazing change with plasma aqua care!

Hydrogen water moisturizing beauty device: In April 15, 2019, Kyunghee University Skin Biotechnology Center Measured moisturizing amount after 8 hours of use: 30 minutes 27% increased, 2 hours 30.1% increased, 4 hours 18,4% increased, 8 hours 18% increased.

Filling by spraying plasma aqua on the skin layer

Continuous moisturizing and keeping skin elastic by rapid penetration of small molecules.

Plentiful anion of 5,400 / cc (Korea Far-Infrared Association) opens skin barrier, the molecules of 6-nano plasma aqua of one-tenth the size of normal water penetrates into the dermis of the skin and maintains skin moisturizing for more than 10 hours.

Various uses of Plasma hydrogen mist

  • Spraying for scalp and hair
  • Improvement for cleansing and wrinkle
  • Mprovement for clear, moist and sensitive skin
  • Improvement for Acne
  • Spraying for hands
  • Spraying for knee
  • Deodorization – Toilet, food and foot odor, etc.
  • Sterilization and deodorization of pets
  • Sterilization and removal fine dust in the car
  • Removing for athlete’s foot and foot’s dead skin cell

  • Spraying for Dry eye
  • Spraying for a stuffed-up nose
  • Spraying for oral
  • Spraying for back neck and shoulder muscle
  • Spraying for wounded to sterilize
  • Spraying for wound and burn area
  • Sterilizing for baby goods
  • Sterilizing for food.

Living with Cosmetics

Esteau Story

Eye cream

If applying eye cream after spraying ESTEAU around eyes for 10 seconds, dry eyes becomes moisturizing and skin becomes to be improved absorptivity.

Mask pack

After spraying to face 10 seconds and to mask pack for 10 seconds, if use mask pack , skin becomes moisturizing and to increase elasicity.

Elastic cream

When using cosmetics with good protein synthesis ability such as collagen and peptides, spray the esteau around the eyes and wrinkles for 20 seconds in advance and then use functional cosmetics. Absorptivity will be increased from 3% up to 85%.

Foam cleansing

Although cleansing with foam cleansing, sebum and wastes in the pores are still there. If spraying through esteau for a minute, hydrogen gas increases the pressure in the skin pore, and most of the wastes are released out of the skin and then it makes the skin clear and clean.

Soothing cream

If spraying sensitive and dry skin for 30 seconds and apply a soothing cream, the moisturizing power is maintained from 2 hours up to 10 hours or more.

Sterilization principle of plasma hydrogen mist

It makes hydroxyl radical(OH-) by disassembling water molecules from low-temperature plasma ion clsuter by underwater discharge.

It combines hydroxyl radical(OH-) with hydrogen radical(H+) from harmful bacteria’s cell membrane in water.

It Combines (OH-) with (H+), and returns to water (H2O), and then harmful bacteria of being lost (H+) is destroyed.

Safety test result

ItemTest methodsTest resultsTested and issued by
Drinking waterGeneral bacteria and 57 test itemsDrinkableKCL
Eye irritationIrritation test with cornea, iris, conjunctivaPassedKCL
Skin irritationErythema, edema formationPassedKCL
Genetic ToxicityISO 10993-3-2014Not causing any genetic toxicityKCL
Water particle sizeDSL(Dynamic Light Scattering)5.58-Nano
(Smaller 1/4000 than skin pore)

Germicidal Power Test

Test StrainViable cell count (CFU/ml)Sterilization Power
MRSA (super bacteria) (ATCC 33591)1.5 x 104< 1099.9%
Trychophyton (ATCC 28188)3.0 x 104< 1099.9%
Steptococcus mutan (KCTC 3065)1.7 x 104< 1099.9%
Ungus candida albic (ATCC 10231)3.2 x 104< 1099.9%
Streptococcus Sanguinis (KCTC 5293)2.8 x 104< 1099.9%
Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538)1.8 x 104< 1099.9%
Colon bacillus (ATCC 8739)1.2 x 104< 1099.9%
Salmonella (KCTC 1925)2.1 x 104< 1099.9%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 15442)1.9 x 104< 1099.9%
Pneumococcus (ATCC 4352)1.6 x 104< 1099.9%